To prevent Ragging and making the IQ City Institute of Nursing Sciences ragging free the Institution has taken all the measures as per UGC notified “Regulations on curbing the menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institution, 2009, circulated in the Indian Nursing Council website ( vide F No- 22-10/2015-INC (AR) dated 19/9/2017”. Undertaking will have to be submitted by the Parents/ Guardians as well as student according to the rules.

Anti Ragging Committee and Anti Ragging Squad has been constituted which is in force. The members of the committees are:

1 Prof.(Mrs) Dipti Bhattachraya Chairman 8170009566
2 Prof. Rama Bishnu Roy Vice Principal 8945524278
3 Mrs. Santwana Kundu Associate Professor 9830288952
4 Ms. Sikha Rani Saha Assistant Professor 9434419835
5 Mrs.Dipa Chetry Assistant Professor 8116582836
6 Dr.Partha Pratim Dey Psychiatrist 7044084328
7 Mrs. Minati Panja Nursing Superintendent 8170059425
8 Shri. Aniruddha Banerjee                                     (WBCS/Exe) Deputy Magistrate & Deputy Collector 9733397239
9 Shri. Bimal Kumar Mandal               WBPS, A.C.P (East) A.D.C.P  Durgapur 9083268908
10 Mr. J.N Sinha Public Prosecutor 9434251507
11 Mr. Abir Roy Journalist, Aaj Kaal 9434147707
12 Mr.Tapas Chatterjee Journalist, Calcutta News 9647525025
13 Mr.Mithun Chatterjee Security Manager 8945524363
14 Capt. Manoj Kumar Patra Deputy Manager Administration 8945524222
15 Mrs. Trishna Ganguly Hostel Warden 8945524034
16 Ms. Sangita Satapathi 3rd year student (B.Sc) 8538092582
17 Ms. Pubali Ghosh 2nd year student (B.Sc) 8918846796
18 Ms.Bandana Pathak 1st year student (B.Sc) 9153898270
19 Ms.Sanjana Sahana 1st year student (GNM) 7872789521


1 Mrs. Swapna Chatterjee Associate Professor 9434195577
2 Mrs.Anindita Das Asst. Manager Marketing 8170009456
3 Ms. Gopa Biswas Tutor 9903932138
4 Mrs. Manami Mondal Tutor 9836715544
5 Ms. Swatilekha Paul Tutor 8618210529
6 Ms. Debasmita Mahanti Tutor 7602319199
7 Mr.Tanmoy Chatterjee Sr.Executive (Administration) 8945524319
8 Ms. Payel Mukherjee PA to Principal 8170009451
9 Mr. Deb Kumar Chatterjee Librarian 9614471250
10 Ms. Sunita Halder 3rd year student (B.Sc) 8670766360
11 Ms.Leena Pati 2nd year student (B.Sc) 7478650859
12 Ms. Priti Bagui 1st year student (B.Sc) 7585829490
13 Ms. Payel Mukherjee 1st year student (GNM) 8145772349

All the staff members and the students are requested to cooperate and be alert so that such incidence is not occurring in our premises.  If at all it happens it should be reported to any of the members of the committee for further action.